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Indiana Employment Law: An Overview of the Wage Payment Statute and the Wage Claims Statute

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A point in Indiana business law that as of late has produced some intriguing discussions includes the Wage Payment Statute under Ind. Code. 22-2-5 and the Wage Claims Statute under Ind. Code. 22-2-9. Both of these resolutions administer the alternatives accessible to a worker who accepts their boss has neglected to pay compensation owed. Be ….  Read More

Changes in Indiana Employment Law: Seasonal Workers No Longer Entitled to Unemployment Benefits

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Should occasional specialists be permitted to gather joblessness benefits in their personal time? The State of Indiana as of late passed enactment blocking occasional specialists from gathering joblessness benefits when they are laid off toward the finish of the period. See Indiana Code Section 22-4-3-5. Beside the political and prudent issues with this new change ….  Read More